Soap For Hope  

Soap donated by Manila Peninsula is collected and recycled by Holy Family School of Indang. The repackaged soap helps school children fend off germs and disease in the Philippines. Your donations and our soap press help make this possible. 



Full Belly Project is a non-profit

organization dedicated to

empowering people in rural



Our new Solar Hand Cart

is primed for North America.

The Solar Hand Cart

(Patent Pending)

A Mobile Water Pump

Harnesses the Power of the Sun




Your donation is essential in helping us continue the work that we do.


We sincerely thank you for all of your support.

Read the latest from the RePlan It with Jock Brandis television series blog:

Yale student Colin Pawlowski in Guatemala field testing aflatoxin-reducing technologies that the Full Belly Project has developed:

Wilmington native and former Peace Corps volunteer, David Campbell in New Zealand, formerly in Senegal:

Former Kure Beach residents Judy and Dave Smith are back from Armenia:


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