This summer the venerable Universal Nut Sheller is being produced in Guinea.

Our friends at the Motherland Rhythm Community - Benkindi Project are thrilled with what the sheller can do, "When we put nuts in the Sheller they were all astounded at how quickly it shelled the nuts.  What took Fode 7 hours would easily been completed in 20 minutes with the UNS."




Full Belly Project is a non-profit

organization dedicated to

empowering people in rural



Our Solar Hand Cart is

primed for North America.

The Solar Hand Cart

(Patent Pending)

A Mobile Water Pump

Harnesses the Power of the Sun 



Your donation is essential in helping us continue the work that we do.


We sincerely thank you for all of your support.



Back in 2012 Yale student Colin Pawlowski was in Guatemala field testing aflatoxin-reducing technologies that the Full Belly Project developed His story is here:

From 2009 to 2011 Wilmington native David Campbell served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sengal. Read what he accomplished there:

Peace Corps volunteers Judy and Dave Smith are back from Armenia:


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