In much of the developing world, school furniture such as desks and chairs are limited if not nonexistent. Many children still sit on the floor to learn, while others are lucky to share one desk with up to 10 other students. These conditions discourage focus and classroom involvement, simply because the students are uncomfortably hunched over or too crowded by other children to even be able to read and write properly.

At the same time, the EPA estimates that between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic grocery bags are used globally. The average bag is used for a mere 12 minutes, but lasts thousands of years, usually in landfills or worse, the ocean. Plastic bags have been found to be a very dangerous threat to countless species of marine life, as they pose a choking hazard.

Full Belly's bag board desk design recycles grocery bags into a Durable building material that is perfect for school furniture, thus reducing pollution while improving the learning environments of millions of children!


Each plank of bag board is composed of around 500 recycled plastic grocery bags.

We first layer the bags and compress them, while heating them up to a high temperature in a special oven. The plank is then cooled and rebar is used to form the legs of the desk, while the 2 planks form the writing surface and seat of the desk.

The Bag Board building material is versatile and sturdy, and can be used for other purposes, if requested. We have not distributed this design as of yet, but we are looking for partners to work with on this project.

If you are interested in initiating a bag board project, contact us!