Project Overview

The Full Belly Project is proud to partner with the Hoggard High School Beta Club to provide 10 of our Rocker Water Pump irrigation devices to the member farmers of the Chipata Dirstrict Farmers’ Association in the small town of Chipata, Zambia in southern Africa!

Through this project we will improve efficiency in irrigation for these farmers, while also providing a rewarding experience in volunteerism and global citizenry for approximately 100 local high school students between August and December of 2017.


With approximately 100 Beta Club Volunteers, Full Belly is offering activities that appeal to different skill sets and interests, so that each student will be able to fully engage in at least one task/job.

We will guide students as they complete the 4 main stages of an international humanitarian project: fundraising for materials, fabricating the devices, compiling instructions for using the device on the ground, and international shipping.


1. Provide unique and rewarding volunteer experience for Beta Club members. 

2. Raise funds to cover project expenses. 

3. Fabricate and ship 10 of Full Belly’s Rocker Water Pumps (RWPs) for CDFA. 

4. Improve Chipata farmers’ irrigation efficiency and effectiveness to encourage food security.

Rocker Water Pump

The Rocker Water Pump is an appropriate technology irrigation device. It enables small hold farmers to get more food from two acres of land and more income than ever before! 


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The Beta Club was founded at Hoggard High School in 1991.  Led by the top performing 25% of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes, Beta Club is dedicated to academics and community service, with members required to display leadership qualities, outstanding achievement, and exemplary character. 


Chipata District Farmers Association

The Chipata District Farmers’ Association [CDFA] is an independent, membership-based and democratically organized association belonging to the farmers of Chipata District. Their mission is to To Unit, Protect and Empower small- scale farmers to lobby and advocate for pro-poor policies that promote secure livelihoods, poverty eradication and development.