When women are empowered, their communities thrive.


The Full Belly Project empowers women around the world by designing and distributing simple machines that give them more independence through the ability to increase their incomes and participate in their local economies. Studies have shown that women are much more likely to invest their earnings in their families, using income to pay for education fees, food and healthcare.

Therefore, the path to sustainable poverty reduction and hunger prevention is one that encourages women to take the lead.

The Universal Nut SHeller


Peanuts are referred to as "the woman's crop" throughout Africa. This is due to the fact that women are often the ones who plant, harvest and shell the nuts by hand. Full Belly's UNS can shell peanuts 50 times faster than human hands, increasing efficiency and allowing for greater food supplies and economic opportunity, as there is more product to sell at market.  Using it also saves an incredible amount of time, permitting women to be productive elsewhere in their communities. 

the soap press


In partnership with SealedAir's Soap for Hope program, Full Belly's Soap Press is  employing women across the globe to recycle wasted soap from hotels. Paid per bar that they produce, many of these women have been able to quit jobs in which they were underpaid, overworked and constantly away from their families. Soap for Hope and the Soap Press have provided them the chance to not only gain financial independence, but also to give back to their communities by expanding access to hygiene.

the rocker water pump


Women in the developing world are generally charged with fetching the water needed for the family and farm. Often, they will walk several miles a day in order to gain access to the amount of water needed for drinking and agricultural purposes. Our Rocker Water Pump can water 2 acres of land with a simple rocking motion, giving women this necessary resource with greatly reduced time and effort, offering them greater opportunity to seek employment and educattion.