In 2001, our founder Jock Brandis traveled to Mali to fix a small village's water treatment system.

While there he came across a woman who informed him that it would be of great service to her village if he could find an affordable peanut sheller for them. Upon returning to the United States he contacted peanut authority Dr. Tim Williams of the University of Georgia who told Brandis of a Bulgarian Peanut Shelling design.

Jock adapted the design with help from a friend Wes Perry. He went through several iterations of a redesign and one year later he completed the machine that is now called the Universal Nut Sheller.

In 2003, Brandis teamed up with a group of returned Peace Corps volunteers from Wilmington, NC to form the Full Belly Project.

Watch the video below for more info on Jock, Full Belly and the work that we do!