Over 15 years of experience in the field has shown us that the most sustainable progress in hunger and poverty alleviation comes from within affected communities.

When you donate to Full Belly, you are enabling enduring progress in the fight to end poverty and hunger. As you may know, the city of Wilmington suffered disastrous effects from the recent hurricane;  it is heartbreaking to see this level of destruction to our hometown.

As we see our local community cope with the aftermath of hurricane Florence, we are reminded of those we serve in our global community who regularly suffer from natural disasters, but who lack the resources to recover.

In these situations, farmers lose not only their crops — their primary source of food and income — but also their land. Families become homeless overnight, medical facilities and schools are decimated, and entire communities crumble.

Overall, the children, women, and men that suffer these disasters lose hope for the future... but, you can help.

At the Full Belly Project, our goal is to build the skills, tools, and economic resilience of disadvantaged communities, so that one day, when hit by a natural disaster, they may come together and have the resources to recover as our community continues to do.  

Make a year-end gift to The Full Belly Project to help uplift those that struggle today, and empower them to overcome the challenges
of tomorrow.


Amanda Coulter, Executive Director


your local impact

With a full time staff of two, Full Belly relies on the skills and dedication of our local community to accomplish our mission. In return, we give volunteers of all ages the opportunity to learn and expand practical skills. 

More importantly, we provide our community the opportunity to become active and engaged global citizens. Global citizenship is the  idea that focuses the value of service to those people who are geographically and culturally far away.


Help end global poverty and hunger

and invest in your local community

So many people around the world still struggle with poverty, food insecurity and access to sanitation, among other significant problems. Full Belly develops global citizens through education on these issues, volunteer service hours and travel abroad to directly impact those that have so little.

By encouraging global citizenship, we are ensuring that more people join us in the fight to end hunger and poverty now, and looking forward.