Honoring Jock Brandis

Jock Brandis has worn many hats in his lifetime-
Full Belly Founder & Director of Research and Design, Purpose Prize winner, CNN Hero,
Encore Humanitarian award-winner (multiple times!), actor, film technician,
community-builder, coffee drinker, and PBR lover.


Yet, as he transitions into his much-deserved retirement, we will always think of him as an innovator, story-teller, and life-changer. Without his ingenuity, drive and passion over the last 20+ years, Full Belly would not exist today.

However, Jock has worked closely with staff, volunteers, and board members over the last year, since he first told of us his plans, to ensure that he set us up for a successful transition and impactful future.

It all started when…

Jock made a promise in 2001, to bring something back that would help women in Africa shell nuts more efficiently. When he returned to the US, he realized it didn’t exist. And so the story goes. With a band of friends from the Peace Corps, Full Belly (and the Universal Nut Sheller) was born. A nonprofit dedicated to finding simple and reasonable solutions to daily obstacles in developing areas around the world. How to get water from one place to the next, how to shell groundnuts faster, how to turn plastic bags into desks and how to beat fungus and save lives. Don’t be fooled, though. Jock’s work is never done. He will be tinkering away in his backyard on innovations that will solve problems most people have never thought about, fueled by soup and coffee at Folks.

We’re beyond grateful for the opportunity to continue Full Belly’s mission,
and to honor his legacy of ingenuity and global humanitarianism in doing so.

Read the Board of Directors official statement on Jocks retirement: