Soap for Hope, a project in partnership with 

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The Soap for Hope program is centered around community involvement. Local hotels provide the sanitized soap and disadvantaged members of the community are paid to make soap, while local nonprofits distribute it. 


The Soap Press is an innovation that Full Belly developed for the exclusive use of our corporate partner Diversey for their Soap for Hope program.  It works by utilizing a spinning wooden handle connected to a threaded rod and aluminum plate, which cold- presses recycled soap into bars using an aluminum mold.

Success Story

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Oung Sophal is 34 years old and lives in Berng Chuk village in Cambodia. She works 7 days a week for very little pay in a private sewing factory. The working conditions are dire. Sophal explains, "I have a five year old son at home. I need to take care of him."

Working as a soap maker for Soap For Hope has allowed Sophal to make up to $50 a month, twice what she makes at the sewing factory. 

"Making the soap only takes a few hours each month, I can do it at home while watching my son. Making soap is a very good experience for me. I am happy to work on this soap project to help my people and support my family. I hope this project will continue long into the future."