Our 4 Step Process

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1. Assess a Need

We begin our design process by being faced with a problem in a community that needs a solution, such as a lack of water.


2. Design a Solution

Next, we design a solution. Our motto is "Fail Early, Fail Often, Fail Better."

Redesigning is key.


3. Distribute Products

Distribution works through individual sales, partnerships with other non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses.


4. Change Lives

These innovations directly improve the daily lives of those who use them, providing the opportunity to lift up a person, a family, a community.

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Empowering Women

"When women are empowered, their communities thrive."

The Full Belly Project empowers women around the world through our 4 Step Process, giving them more independence through the ability to increase their incomes. 

Studies have shown that women are much more likely to invest their earnings in their families, using income to pay for education fees, food and healthcare.

The path to sustainable poverty reduction and hunger prevention is one that encourages women to take the lead.