Features Overview

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Amanda Coulter

Amanda is a Wilmington native who developed a passion for traveling and helping others at a young age. After earning her Master's in Global Affairs, she returned home and began to volunteer at Full Belly. Displaying a passion for the organization and commitment to its mission, she was ultimately hired as executive director in May of 2016.

Jock Brandis

Jock is the founder of Full Belly and the lead inventor of its technology. He realized while in the movie business that if he could make professional wrestling look somewhat real, then bringing efficient tools to small farmers around the world would be a cinch. He also discovered that it's the most fun at a job he has ever had!

Mike Coszalter

An intern turned Executive Assistant, Mike is passionate, funny, incredibly positive, energetic, driven and we’re all super jealous of his planner game! He’s got big shoes to fill, but we know he’s up to the challenge! A UNCW graduate from the Anthropology Department, Mike is bringing new knowledge, endless enthusiasm and amazing hip hop dance skillz to the organization. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful things he will accomplish in his time with us!