What is it?

A dangerous carcinogenic food toxin from a byproduct of molds and often found in staple crops like peanuts and corn.

What harm does it do?

in Adults:

  • Liver Cancer

  • Suppression of the Immune System

In Children:

  • Mental Impairment

  • Stunting

    Quality standards for import/export prevent small groundnut farmers from getting fair prices

    Many farmers do not reach their income potential due to poor quality associated with aflatoxin

What’s our goal?

To promote self-reliance within the coop (Chipata District Farmers Association) we’re partnering with, creating a foundation for CDFA to continue spreading information and hosting trainings about aflatoxin and how to reduce contamination.


How the project works:


Training on the five step program to put into day to day use for safer practices, for more sellable product that will generate more income.


Training on how to build, operate and maintain the RWP, UNS, and ATK to continue training local farmers, and sharing information about why they make a difference

With CDFA’s guidance, local farmers will be able to recognize and react to aflatoxin appropriately to protect themselves and their product, reducing contamination at every step of the process!