One of our partners was named a CNN Hero!

Samir Lakhani was one of our first Soap Press recipients in 2013, and he's been using our machine to empower communities in Cambodia ever since. We always knew he was hero, but now he has the award from CNN to prove it!

Click here to learn more about Samir at Eco Soap Bank and how our Soap Press is helping them not only employ local women in Cambodia, but also helping to save the lives of people in their communities through improved hygiene. 

Full Belly is in Zambia until May 15th, and we need your help!

The Full Belly Project is in Chipata, Zambia distributing 105 Universal Nut Shellers (UNS).

Our volunteer, Randy, arrived in early April and has been working with local farmers in Chipata (CDFA) to help build and distribute Universal Net Shellers to the community. The UNS creates a safer peanut less likely to be contaminated by toxins and can shell peanuts 50 times faster than human hands. By bringing the UNS to Zambia, we are helping the local community feed themselves in a sustainable way.

Right now, we have only raised $3,745 of our total goal $30,000. Each nut sheller costs $286-  we have currently only raised enough for 13 Universal Nut Shellers! As May 15th quickly approaches, we need your help now more than ever to reach our goal and to better the lives of the Chipata community.

Full Bell is a small nonprofit organization founded by CNN Hero and Purpose Prize winner Jock Brandis, located in Wilmington, North Carolina with only three staff members. Due to our size, this project in Zambia can only be made possible through volunteers and donations. Over half of the population in Zambia lives below poverty lines, and with your help, we can help improves the lives of the people in Zambia.

Your donation will help the Fully Belly Project feed and empower the people of Zambia, and allow Full Belly to continue providing resources for people to feed themselves around the world!


Thank you so much for making the 15th Annual Full Belly Feast the best it's ever been!

The 15th Annual Full Belly Feast was a blast due to the amazing number of our supporters that showed up to celebrate the work of the Full Belly Project with us, and the volunteers who contributed their time and effort to help it go off without a hitch! 

We can't wait to see you all next year! 

Jock on WECT!

Ashlea Kosikowski had Jock on WECT just a few days before the Full Belly Feast to talk about what we do, and what the Feast means to FBP and the community! 

As he mentions in the video, the Full Belly Project continues to develop new inventions to help those in rural communities. The Feast is the organization’s largest fundraiser, bringing in close to 20% of the group’s budget and it's held at the end of every February. 

Click the link below to view the video!