2008: Full Belly's Jock Brandis wins the Purpose Prize!

Jock built the world’s first peanut sheller and moved on to an encore developing sustainable technology for developing countries.” -encore.org

It’s no secret that Jock Brandis, founder of the Full Belly Project, sparked a revolution in agricultural technology with the invention of the Universal Nut Sheller. In 2008, his achievements were recognized when the talent organization Encore awarded him their annual Purpose Prize and a grant of $100,000. The Purpose Prize, described as an investment in individuals with experience using their skill and aptitude to benefit the world, was dedicated to Jock for his work creating a machine unprecedented in its ability to transform the shelling industry. The Universal Nut Sheller, hailed by Encore as the “holy grail of sustainable agriculture,” was a success in raising the profits of small farming villages all across undeveloped countries, and gave Jock Brandis the opportunity to be nominated for the Purpose Prize and ultimately win it. Read more at http://encore.org/purpose-prize/jock-brandis/