FBP on BBC and NPR

Two media heavy hitters recently discovered the unique story of Jock Brandis and his inventions geared to helping those living in rural third world communities. Although their methods differed, National Public Radio (NPR) and the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) dedicated time to learning and publicizing the amazing efforts of the Full Belly Project. In November, correspondent Larry Abramson of NPR highlighted Brandis and the Full Belly Project on the airwaves, as well as an article on their website. NPR was profiling social entrepreneurs and they could not have found a more perfect candidate than in Brandis. The story delves into the history and mission of the Full Belly project along with descriptions of the low-cost nut sheller, which was the invention focused upon for the interview. The Full Belly Project approach, “relies on development people already on the ground, with good relationships to the locals, to distribute Brandis’ inventions,” describes Abramson. NPR audiences were given the opportunity to hear Brandis share his passion for this work and his desire to help those in need. While NPR focused solely on the Full Belly project, BBC emphasized small businesses or projects in their 6th annual World Challenge Competition. Of the 800 nominations, only 12 were chosen and the Full Belly Project was among the finalists. The goal of this competition was to reward social entrepreneurs who were making a difference in the world, but not harming it. Projects ranged from bamboo bicycles to online connections with African entrepreneurs. Each project or small business was attempting to better the world through means that would not damage the environment. Unfortunately, we were not the chosen winners of this particular competition, but the experience and publicity was incredible. Viewers from all over the world were able to hear, see, and learn about the goals and projects of the Full Belly Project.