Launch of Soap for Hope Program with Diversey

Keeping with our mission of changing the world for the “bottom billion” through production of self-sustainable technologies, the Full Belly Project invented the machine that would eventually be known as the soap press. The active project, titled Soap for Hope, reuses a portion of the millions of pounds of soap that are thrown away annually by local hotels and resorts. Using the soap press, Soap for Hope works to allow communities to produce and distribute recycled soap products to fend off disease, promote better health, and generate income for impoverished communities around the world. In October 2013, the soap press debuted in Cambodia. Poverty stricken areas in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville were the first communities Full Belly Project and Diversey distributed this technology. Nearly 1,000 bars of soap were generated during the first week there. With all the tools and technologies neatly packed into a box, Soap for Hope was a success and began to spread to more areas in need. Today, other local communities in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, India, Laos, Vietnam, Haiti, and more are now able to produce, develop, and recycle their own soap products to sell.