Be on the lookout!

“Music unites us and transcends cultures, gender, generations and economic status.”

— Motherland Rhythm Community


In October of 2015, Motherland Rhythm Community, an organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional percussive music found in West Africa, contacted the Full Belly Project with a large order. Ordering two Universal Nutsheller (UNS) kits and 32 sets of hardware, Motherland Rhythm Community, became a catalyst for change in Guinea, West Africa. One UNS kit contains one mold and enough hardware for four machines; however, each kit enables individuals to make an infinite number of machines. Taking full advantage of everything Full Belly’s UNS kit has to offer, individuals in Guinea were able to establish a factory producing nutshellers for their community. 


Be on the lookout for pictures highlighting the positive impact Motherland Rhythm Community, alongside the Full Belly Project, is having in Guinea, West Africa. Coming October 2016!