Full Belly designs, redesigns, and distributes simple, locally maintinable products to countries all over the world, year around. We do this through individual sales, Full Belly projects, and partnerships with other organizations. 

Recent Full Belly Projects



The Full Belly Project is proud to partner with the Hoggard High School Beta Club to provide 10 of our Rocker Water Pump irrigation devices to the member farmers of the Chipata District Farmers’ Association in the small town of Chipata, Zambia in southern Africa!

Soap For Hope

Around the world, over 7 million children die each year from diseases that could have been prevented from simple hand washing. And every year, a typical 400 room hotel generates 3.5 tons of solid soap waste. Also, countless women leave their children and work long hours in unsafe environments for drastically low wages. 

Soap for Hope works to solve these global problems by collecting the soap waste, employing local women to recycle it using Full Belly's Soap Press, and then handing it out to children with reduced access to sanitation and hygiene. 


Tanzania Project

Simple hand washing with soap is one of the most simple and powerful ways to prevent disease. With most children going to school all day in Tanzania without being able to wash their hands. Full Belly developed our own hand washing station made of recycled materials, using 90% less water than other hand washing systems. 

In Summer of 2017, Full Belly went to Arusha, Tanzania to bring this life-saving device to the children of Arusha!


Zambia Project

The peanut (or groundnut as it is called in West Africa) is an important subsistence crop to hundreds of millions of people across the world. Not only is it important nutritionally, as it provides a convenient source of protein and 30 essential nutrients, but it is also an important source of income for these communities. 

In Spring of 2017, Full Belly sent a volunteer over to Zambia, in Southern Africa, to build 105 Universal Nut Shellers.