Many farmers the world over have irrigation and livestock watering needs that are unmet due to the high cost of standard electric grid installation for water pumping.  In addition, farmers generally have a natural source of water somewhere on or near their land, such as a stream, pond or well.  

Full Belly has designed a system to meet these watering needs that is versatile, cost- efficient, and both financially and environmentally sustainable.

Using solar technology, the solar water pump in mobile and stationary form, is one of our most popular products abroad and here at home in the USA!


Our Solar Water Pump comes in two designs: the Solar Hand Cart and the Pedestal Mounted Solar Water Pump. The Solar Hand Cart is a solar powered water pump designed to deliver water to crops or cattle wherever water is available without fossil fuels or additional electrical power. It is lightweight and easily loaded onto the back of a pickup truck or towed behind an ATV. The Pedestal Mounted Solar Water Pump is a trailer mounted, solar powered pumping system, which allows the user to pump water to crops and livestock in remote locations where water is, but electricity isn't.

The Solar Water Pump will draw from 25 feet and pump up to 100 feet. The Single Panel Model will Pump 1000 gallons of water a day, or enough to water 20 head of cattle.

It works by placing the submersible water pump into the water source. The solar panel is connected to a car battery, which powers the submersible pump delivering water at sprinkler pressure. Watch the video below to learn about how the Solar Hand Cart is assembled and how it works!



One of our treasured farmers and friends, Duncan Edwards, has a farm in Rutherford County that has been in his family for several generations.  

Duncan has had our Solar technology on his farm for over 5 years now and is still completely in love with the freedom it affords him.

The solar water pump has allowed him to save not only countless hours of hard work, but thousands of dollars!

Contact us if you are interested in getting one of our solar products or initiating a solar project!