Over half of the Zambian population lives below the poverty line…

Partnered with the Chipata District Farmer’s Association (CDFA), we hope to empower the farmers in Chipata
to improve their health, incomes, and livelihoods through the power of their own community.

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When the crops are safe and healthy, so are the farmers and their buyers!

Aflatoxin is a dangerous food contaminant that threatens the health of Zambian farmers, their families, and the safety of the peanuts they sell at market. Through the use of our simple and effective AFLAA program, farmers will be able to manage aflatoxin contamination in Chipata.

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Through CDFA, farmers can work together to develop their communities and economy!

We work directly with the local farmer’s co-op!
By empowering CDFA, we facilitate the expansion of the many benefits of co-op membership. CDFA also serves as a community organization, providing the opportunity for small farmers to bring themselves out of poverty.

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More income means more opportunity and more sustainable economic development!

With our AFLAA program, farmers can not only manage aflatoxin contamination in peanut crops, but they can also verify this information through Aflascreen.org! This quality assurance allows for a wider range of buyers, providing the opportunity for farmers to get fairer prices for their products!

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Chipata District Farmers' Association (CDFA) is a membership based, independent and democratically organized association founded by and for the farmers of Chipata District. The origins of CDFA can be traced back to 1905, when the settler farmers living in Chipata district came together to form a farmers union, aimed at unifying their voices to better address their common concerns of tobacco trading. CDFA was officially registered with the registrar of societies in 2005, with the mandate of protecting and empowering small-scale farmers. CDFA represents and is represented in all 8 agricultural blocks and 57 camps: Central, Western, Eastern, Southern, Chanje, Chiparamba, Chankhadze, Chitandika. 
CDFA is an affiliate member of Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

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We’ve been partnered with the Chipata District Farmers’ Association in Zambia for several years now, and continue to develop this impactful initiative!


Fully Belly Awarded Grant - December, 2019

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation recently awarded $31,000 to the Full Belly Project to implement our Advancing Food Security and Livelihoods through Aflatoxin Alleviation (AFLAA) program in the southern African country of Zambia!

In our work over the last four years with the Chipata District Farmers’ Association (CDFA), we've found that aflatoxin is a contributor to both hunger and poverty in this region. With this funding, we can push our Zambia initiative further and train more farmers on aflatoxin-preventative agricultural techniques, providing the opportunity for better prices and better health!


Jock and amanda in zambia - January, 2019

Thanks to the grant funding mentioned above, our very own Jock Brandis (Founder, Director of R+D) and Amanda Coulter (Executive Director) will personally travel to Zambia for a new wave of support from the Full Belly Project!

In March, Amanda and Jock will travel to Zambia for three weeks to work with the staff and members of CDFA on our 5-Step AFLAA program! The goal is to promote self-reliance within the co-op, so this trip will serve as the foundation for CDFA to to continue spreading the knowledge and skills necessary for curtailing aflatoxin contamination through trainings and local outreach.

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Our Goals

Our goal for the Zambia Project was to train local residents on the production, maintenance and use of the Universal Nut Sheller, while setting up a factory that could continue making more, so that as many people as possible could purchase these life changing machines.

Our Outcomes

All 105 Universal Nut Shellers have been built, 8 of which have already been sold!

  • 3 young adults were recruited to build the Shellers, and they are now more than proficient in producing the machines! 

  • 25 farmers and 5 staff members from the Ministry of Agriculture have been trained on how to use the Sheller

  • Through regional field days and the National Agritech Expo in Lusaka, over 600 farmers have seen the Sheller in motion!


The Universal Nut Sheller & Aflatoxin

The Universal Nut Sheller can shell peanuts 50 times faster than human hands, empowering its user to have more food and more money as they have more product to sell at market. In addition, our Sheller provides a safer peanut for human consumption, as storing peanuts without their shell makes them less likely to be contaminated by the toxic fungus Aflatoxin.
One of our Universal Nuts Shellers meets the shelling needs of up to 70 people. For the cost of 4 dinner-and- a- movie date nights, YOU could create positive change in the lives of up to 70 people!

I want to support this project! How do I donate?


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