One Volunteer. 105 Universal Nut Shellers. One Local Farmers' Coop.
A Community Empowered.


Did you know? 
Over half of the Zambian population lives below the poverty line. With our Universal Nut Sheller, Full Belly will empower these communities to lift themselves out of poverty and improve their own lives! 


Full Belly is in Chipata, Zambia building and distributing 105 of our award- winning Universal Nut Shellers to farmers in the surrounding villages to help them improve food supplies, incomes and food safety!

Our Zambia project is ending on May 15th, 2017!
Donate today to help us fund the rest of this life-changing project!!


I want to empower the people of Chipata to keep their
own bellies full!


The Universal Nut Sheller can shell peanuts 50 times faster than human hands, empowering its user to have more food and more money as they have more product to sell at market. 
In addition, our Sheller provides a safer peanut for human consumption, as storing peanuts without their shell makes them less likely to be contaminated by the toxic fungus Aflatoxin.
One of our Universal Nuts Shellers meets the shelling needs of up to 70 people. For the cost of 4 dinner-and- a- movie date nights, YOU could create positive change in the lives of up to 70 people!

We Need your help!

So far, we have raised $3,745 of our $30,000 goal.

With a total project cost of $30,000, each Sheller we make and distribute will cost $286.

That's only 13 of our 105 Shellers!

We need YOUR help to continue the project and help the communities of Eastern Province in Zambia prevent hunger, food contamination and poverty!

Donate today, because our volunteer, Randy will be coming home on May 15th and the project will end!

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How do I donate?


Click the button above to donate through PayPal or with your credit card online. OR Call us at (910)452-0975 to give us your credit card information over the phone. OR Send us a check in the mail and be sure to note that your gift is for our Zambia project.

Please make checks payable to:
The Full Belly Project
PO Box 7874
Wilmington, NC 28406

Project Updates

May 5th, 2017

With all 105 Shellers completed and distribution wrapping up, officials from the USAID office in Zambia visited CDFA to see our operations for the project. We are so proud of our successes and the life-changing impact that is already occurring, in addition to the recognition that the project is receiving. It all just goes to show that a tiny nonprofit like Full Belly can achieve BIG CHANGE!

April 3rd, 2017

Randy and the rest of the CDFA took part in the regional field day held at Msekera Research Station in Chipata, Zambia to showcase the Universal Nut Sheller, and discuss the impact and benefits! Being a locally operated, maintained, and repaired product that increases production, food supply and income, it wasn't hard to draw a crowd! 


March 31st, 2017

Distribution of the Universal Nut Shellers is officially underway! Our distribution mobile is shown below in the left photo, and on the right is a happy recipient of a Sheller! We love seeing the faces of those who have their lives improved by FBP products!


Meet Our Partners!

Chipata District Farmers' Association (CDFA) is a membership based, independent and democratically organized association founded by and for the farmers of Chipata District.

Our volunteer, Randy, is working closely with CDFA to build and distribute the 105 Universal Nut Shellers to families in surrounding communities.

Once Randy has returned to the U.S. in May, CDFA will continue to run the UNS factory in Chipata! 


We received implementation support for the first two weeks of the project from NCBA CLUSA through a USAID-funded Farmer to Farmer program managed by ACDI/VOCA! We greatly appreciate the support from these amazing organizations! Thank you!

This project is a follow up to the great work that Jock and Randy did as part of NCBA CLUSA’s Zambia F2F project implemented under VEGA’s Special Program Support Project.

If you would like more information about our budget, project plan and deliverables, contact us!