On a farm in the developing world everyone must contribute. The old, sick, and even the very young must
play a role in feeding the family. To address this need, Full Belly devised an easy way to bring life-giving
water to agriculture with minimal human effort using recycled materials. Our solution draws water from 30
feet and pushes it within a 200 foot radius. Anyone on a farm can stand on the pump and simply shift their weight
from to side to irrigate crops.

The Rocker Water Pump enables small hold farmers to get more
food from two acres of land and more income than ever before.



The Rocker Water Pump is an appropriate technology irrigation device. 

It works by placing one hose that is attached to the pump into a water source (well, stream, pond). Then, a person gets onto the pump and uses their body weight and a rocking motion to draw water from the source, ultimately pumping it through another hose to crops or livestock.

The Rocker Water Pump can pump five gallons of water per minute. 

Watch the video below to see how the new Rocker Water Pump is designed and how it works!



In the summer of 2015, Jock traveled to Jamaica as part of a Farmer to Farmer program to help The Source Farm cope with an oppressive drought. While there, he trained the farmers to produce, repair and maintain Rocker Water Pumps.

They became a Rocker Water Pump factory, both earning income for Themselves and distributing the irrigation technology to help fellow local farmers.

If you are interested in purchasing a rocker water pump, or initiating a rocker water pump project, contact us!