Developing simple tools
to improve
lives around
the world


Innovation, Sustainability
& Empowerment


In Zambia, Africa

Working with our local partners, the Chipata District Farmers Association (CDFA), to promote self reliance and spread knowledge about the dangers of aflatoxin contamination.

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In Wilmington, NC

In our local community, we’re supporting the development of global citizens who work to build thriving communities through volunteer opportunities,

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Simple tools.
Sustainable solutions.

Our products give communities the opportunity to increase food production and income, so they are empowered to keep their bellies full.



Full Belly Feast 2019

Because we want to ensure that our supporters have a wonderful experience at our 17th annual Full Belly Feast, FBP is postponing the gala until Saturday, Sept. 14th from 7-10 pm.

Unfortunately, recovering from Hurricane Florence took us away from our Feast planning. Also, over the last few months, our small organization has been experiencing challenges associated with our growth- challenges we are happy to have! Our first-ever, grant-funded project, implemented solely by Full Belly in Zambia, has taken more time and travel by staff than anticipated, so our small team has had to put our focus on the project's success over the Feast. Please read more, and contact us with questions or concerns!