We currently have six products that make partnerships with other businesses and communities around the world possible, working to improve lives by empowering locals with sustainable solutions.


Universal Nut Sheller

Shelling by hand is both time consuming and painful, often leaving open wounds on the sheller's hands.

The Universal Nut Sheller (UNS) makes it possible for these women to not only save time and discomfort, but it also increases their nutrition source and income. This increase in income is especially useful for women as it allows them to pay children's school fees, etc.

However, the bigger picture is that this increase in both nutrition and income empowers women in these communities by encouraging better health and economic independence.

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Rocker Water Pump

On a farm in the developing world everyone must contribute.

The old, sick, and even the very young must play a role in feeding the family. To address this need, Full Belly devised an easy way to bring life-giving water to agriculture with minimal human effort using recycled materials.

Our solution draws water from 30 feet and pushes it within a 200 foot radius. Anyone on a farm can stand on the pump and simply shift their weight from to side to irrigate crops.

The Rocker Water Pump enables small hold farmers to get more food from two acres of land and more income than ever before.

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Hand Washing Station

Around the world, lack of access to water and hygiene information are directly correlated to elevated levels of infant and child mortality.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, rates of infant and child mortality are highest, and levels of access to simple hand washing is at best 50%. This is because knowledge of the preventative benefits of hand washing for one's health is scarce, and access to water is even more scarce. In fact, even health care facilities in the region struggle with access to hand washing as 42% of them have no water source within 500 meters.

Full Belly's Hand Washing Station is made of readily available, recycled materials which allow access to hand washing anywhere.


Soap Press with Diversey

The Soap for Hope program is centered around community involvement. Local hotels provide the sanitized soap and disadvantaged members of the community are paid to make soap, while local nonprofits distribute it.

The Soap Press is an innovation that Full Belly developed for the exclusive use of our corporate partner Diversey for their Soap for Hope program. It works by utilizing a spinning wooden handle connected to a threaded rod and aluminum plate, which cold- presses recycled soap into bars using an aluminum mold.

Visit their site: https://diversey.com/sustainability/soap-hope

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Solar Water Pump

Many farmers the world over have irrigation and livestock watering needs that are unmet due to the high cost of standard electric grid installation for water pumping. In addition, farmers generally have a natural source of water somewhere on or near their land, such as a stream, pond or well.

Full Belly has designed a system to meet these watering needs that is versatile, cost- efficient, and both financially and environmentally sustainable.

Using solar technology, the solar water pump in mobile and stationary form, is one of our most popular products abroad and here at home in the USA!


Bag Board Desk

The EPA estimates that between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic grocery bags are used globally.

The average bag is used for just 12 minutes, but lasts thousands of years. Plastic bags have been found to be a very dangerous threat to countless species of marine life, as they pose a choking hazard.

At the same time, in much of the developing world, school furniture (desks and chairs) are limited at best. Many children still sit on the floor to learn, while others are lucky to share a desk with up to 10 students.

These conditions make focusing and engagement hard, because the students are hunched over or too crowded by others to read and write properly.

The Bag Board Desk recycles bags into a durable material that's perfect for school furniture, reducing pollution while improving learning environments for children!


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